Learn how to feel really, REALLY Good

Anyone can learn how to feel really really good in their body,

when you follow the carefully constructed system inside

The Perfectly Align Online Program

“Allouise is not only a fantastic instructor, she is the best online YogAlign teacher that I know. Whether you want to improve how you feel, increase your flexibility, core strength, fitness, and overall health and wellness or if you have an injury you want to rehab, or you want to prevent an injury, Allouises program will give you the training you need to move your body from in-pain and feeling tired, to feeling GREAT NOW, I recommend it to all of my friends.”
Sophie 38, Stay-at-home-Mum of 3

“20 years of various body contact sports, associated weight training and a physical job had my body asking for help. A search for options a few years ago provided only limited success, now however, after only 4 months of YogAlign with Allouise my body is happy. My core strength and flexibility are rapidly increasing, as well as the physical benefits, there is mental alignment as well.
My wife and I are incredibly happy to have found YogAlign.”

Gavin Colley 49, ex-Professional Footballer, Lawn & Garden Maintenance

I highly recommend YogAlign with its emphasis on neuromuscular balancing, natural spine alignment and core breathing
Mariel Hemingway - American Actress and Author

I have been a surfing professional for over 20 years. Learning YogAlign method of moving the body with structural alignment, and practicing breath work has been the most effective yoga and training I have ever practiced. I no longer have the chronic pain in my shoulders and the sciatica that had plagued me for years. I feel lighter, stronger and aligned. My shoulders used to be chronically rotated forward and suffered pain and frequent injuries. With YogAlign, I learned to shift my paddling techniques when surfing and my shoulders are now aligned in all my activities."
Rochelle Ballard - Professional Surfer

This Proven SYSTEM Teaches You How to Feel Really, REALLY Good

This is not just a course, and not just a coaching program – it’s a system for creating body changes.

This program is designed for anyone, of any age, fitness and flexibility level

How would you life change if you could:


  • • Naturally increase your energy and relaxation levels
  • • Improve your posture quickly and painlessly
  • • Improve your overall tone, health, strength, flexibility and core strength
  • • Bring back ‘child-like’ movement, re-learn how to move your body with the least amount of strain and effort
  • • Naturally reduce the severity and likelihood of tension headaches
  • • Reduce or remove neck, shoulder or back pain
  • • Reduce muscle tension and strain to the muscles and joints
  • • Recover more quickly from extended/difficult training sessions
  • • Re-train your body to move more effectively, sustainably with less pain and strain to the body
  • • Deepen your natural resting breath naturally
  • • Empower yourself with the essential life skills of taking care of your body
  • • Feel GREAT in your body!

This Proven SYSTEM Teaches You How to Feel Really, REALLY Good

This is not just a course, and not just a coaching program – it’s a system for creating body changes.

This program is designed for anyone, of any age, fitness and flexibility level

What will you get in this program:


  • • Expert guidance by qualified instructor with 10 years experience
  • • Step by step weekly lessons that takes you by the hand to help you achieve results
  • • Access to the lessons from the comfort of your own home or from any location you choose *
  • • Our Private members Facebook group for questions and support
  • • Learn how to feel GREAT in your body!

* Internet connection required

This Proven SYSTEM Teaches You How to Feel Really, REALLY Good

This is not just a course, and not just a coaching program – it’s a system for creating body changes.

This program is designed for anyone, of any age, fitness and flexibility level

This Program is right for you if you...

  • • Want to feel better and more confident in your body
  • • Want to reduce or remove your body's aches and pains
  • • Feel that you are very inflexible
  • • Have never done any yoga program before
  • • Have done years of yoga or pilates but aren’t getting the results you were hoping for
  • • Recovering from an injury or your body is healing from an emotional event
  • • You want to decrease the likelihood of injuries and even joint replacements
  • • Hobby, Amatuer or Professional Athlete wanting to be at peak fitness levels
  • • Your body is your livelihood and you want to ensure optimal performance
  • • Spending a lot of time sitting, in an office job or studying
  • • You want to prepare for childbirth, or help your body to recover from the birthing process
  • • You want to feel good in your body

This Proven SYSTEM Teaches You How to Feel Really, REALLY Good

This is not just a course, and not just a coaching program – it’s a system for creating body changes.

This program is designed for anyone, of any age, fitness and flexibility level

This Program will help to improve many health related conditions such as:

With the regular practise of YogAlign you can improve many health conditions, such as:

  • • General Back Pain
  • • Flexibility
  • • Neck and Shoulder Pain and Problems
  • • Reduction in severity and frequency of headaches and migraines
  • • Improve Alignment
  • • Increased energy levels
  • • Core Strength
  • • Muscle Tone
  • • Forward Head Carriage
  • • Spinal Compression, including bulging discs, compressed discs etc
  • • Can assist with rehabilitation from any physical body injury
  • • Increase your ability to relax
  • • Can assist with rehabilitation from cancer treatments
  • • Release tight and tense muscles
  • • Can assist in maintaining optimal blood pressure
  • • Lower Back Pain
  • • Can improve menstrual and menopause problems
  • • Digestion problems
  • • Can assist in increasing immune system
  • • Improve depth of resting breath
  • • Decrease constipation and increase bowel movement
  • • Decrease constipation and increase bowel movement
  • • Can assist with eye strain
  • • Can assist with reproductive system
  • • Increase body happiness
  • • Can assist with weight loss
  • • Relief from tight and tense muscles
  • • Can improve hormonal imbalances
  • • Can assist in improving hearing
  • • Improve spinal health
  • • Can help to improve insomnia
  • • Increased range of motion
  • • Can re-balance weak and stiff muscles
  • • Can improve a wide variety of postural conditions e.g. rounded/slouched shoulders, cervical kyphosis (flattening of the neck), caved chest, forward head carriage, posterior/anterior pelvis tilt etc
  • • Plantar Fasciitis• Can decrease the likelihood and severity of ankle sprains and strains
  • • Can improve foot problems including bunions
  • • Can help to improve wrist conditions and pain
  • • Can assist improving chronic fatigue
  • • Can improve sex drive/loss of libido- decreased testosterone.
  • • Improve your circulation
  • • As well as many others

Who's your guide for the Program?

Allouise Mason is the owner of The Healthy Body Studio and the Founder of Perfectly Align.

Allouise has been a health professional for over 15 years. Allouise begun her career as a health professional as a personal trainer and massage therapist. Then added yoga and pilates instructing to the mix. In her own body she was experiencing lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain that gradually worsened with the very regular practise of up to 8 hours each day of teaching and practising traditional styles of Yoga and Pilates . Through her own physical pain she began questioning the effectiveness of Yoga and Pilates for creating body happiness.

That’s when she met someone incredibly special. As soon as she met Barb she could see there was something different about her. You see, Barb had the most incredible alignment, and you could tell it was not forced, you could tell her alignment was effortless. This was exactly what Allouise had been working on attaining for her entire working career.

Barb shared her YogAlign secrets, and soon Allouise began her own journey of discovering YogAlign with Michealle Edwards the creator of YogAlign. This was when Allouise began experiencing her own happiest and healthiest body.

In Allouise’s own words

“I began feeling better and better in my body every new day. My energy levels drastically increased. My flexibility went from being ‘tight all my life’, to now being the most flexible I’d ever been. My back, neck and shoulder pain disappeared,  my core strength feels strong but balanced and completely effortless. My normal, natural breathing is deeper than it’s ever been. The physical changes are deeply empowering. And now I feel so incredibly grateful to get to share these life-changing skills with others ”

 Allouise Is the owner of The Healthy Body Studio, a Yoga, Pilates and massage studio on the Gold Coast, which specialises in teaching YogAlign in Group Classes and 1-1 sessions.

“I found you online while researching how to modify yoga postures for back and SI pain. I have found your yoga practise more helpful than acupuncture, massage and chiropractic work. I’m sure you have heard that before. I am an acupuncturist and therefore treat back and SI pain often”
Julie Kay - Licensed Acupuncturist

“I was injured by Yoga. At age 44 in my Yoga class I was in the seated forward bend pose. When I reached for my toes I heard a loud “POP”. I immediately lost range of motion and felt pain. I had never sustained a back injury until this time. I was a ballet dancer for many years and am very flexible. Thanks again for your work and dedication to get this information to the public.”
Sylvia Jones

“Even though I am a yoga teacher and have taken certifications with the top teachers in the US, I began to feel a lot of pain in my hips and legs and was no longer able to do long walks or hiking. Then I found one of your articles and something clicked and I realised that the forward bends and other yoga poses might be the reason for the pain. I can’t believe the changes in my body in just three weeks. I really didn’t expect there to be so much difference right away, but I am back, feeling strong and supported from within. I had been in pain for 10 months and now that time seems like a distant memory.”
Chris Howell - Yoga Instructor & Nurse

“There is no doubt in my mind and heart that YogAlign’s time is NOW! The world needs to learn YogAlign! I am committed to helping others, and YogAlign has taken my life’s work to the next level.”
Elizabeth Klarich - 500 hr Yoga Instructor

“YogAlign practice made me wish I never studied any other types of yoga prior, it is that revolutionary!”
Zander Phelps - Ambassador of Play, HACKiDO.org

“The YogAlign system is at the forefront of the evolution of yoga practices. This is leading edge practices that can be used by health and fitness professionals to teach dynamic movement control while essentially eliminating the possibility of injury.”
Doug McGregor - Physio Therapist

“Sheer amazement was how I felt at the end of the first YogAlign class. Having pain from scoliosis, I could hardly believe how not, just my back, but the whole body opened up, became aligned and completely relaxed.”
Michelle Turetzky

“For years I suffered from low back pain and neck tension especially after a paddling session. I apply the YogAlign principles to all my activities and I am no longer in pain or misalignment”
Margo Turner - Mother Triathlete, Canoe Paddler and Marketing Professional

“After 5 weeks of YogAlign I cancelled my surgery. Due to a bone spur in my shoulder, I could no longer do many of the things I loved. I had tried intensive physio, ice, ibuprofen, even cortisone injections. I am well on my way to recovery. I’m a believer!”
Linda Piaaztola - Graphic Artist, Gardener, Swimmer, Counsellor

“When I began YogAlign, I suffered plantar fasciitis, forward head carriage, and migraine headaches. My posture was stooped and my neck and shoulders were always sore. In just a few classes my pain and misalignment disappeared as if by magic. My tennis game is improving, and I feel relaxed and comfortable in my body. I have let go of my old posture, and feel youthful and energised. I highly recommend this training to anyone with a spine.”
Sherry Latif - Pharmacist, Artist, Tennis Player, Mother of three

Start your own YogAlign journey today!