Align Yoga Online Program

It’s time to experience the Awaken / Ignite Your Vibrantly Healthy Body Program

Align Yoga Online Program

The Perfectly Align Yoga Program is for anyone, of any age, and any fitness level. You don’t need any previous training or knowledge of yoga or fitness.

This program is the very first of it’s kind, you won’t find this information anywhere else, or through any other yoga studio in Australia, and this is your only opportunity to learn these skills online from the comfort of your own home and when it’s convenient for you.

“The blending of spinal muscle kinesiology, traditional yogic breathing and joint protection with focused positional and movement awareness advocated in the YogAlign® system places it at the forefront of the evolution of yoga practices.
Doug McGregor, Physical Therapist

For me, I could feel the effects from my very first session the training will begin to assimilate on a nervous system level, so eventually I wasn’t even consciously having to think about how to move the body; the new results, the new programming had become automatic.

Are you ready to feel more:

  • Healthy
  • Nourished
  • Sexy
  • Balanced
  • Lively
  • Flexible
  • Energised
  • Youthful
  • Core Strength
  • New
  • Vital
  • Alive
  • Effervescent
  • Strong
  • Vibrant
  • Aligned

“Sheer amazement was how I felt at the end of the first YogAlign® class. Having pain from scoliosis, I could hardly believe how not just my back, but the whole body opened up, became aligned and was completely relaxed! Even my legs felt relaxed and energetically expanded! And yes, the pain was gone and stayed gone for three days after the first class.
Now I am going to focus on doing the breathing and poses so I can program the movements into the body by doing them daily. Having done many forms of movement, including ballet and alternative therapeutic movement, I was deeply impressed at how simple, yet extremely useful, the routine Michaelle has created truly is. This would be great for everyone including those who are aging. So five stars and high praise to Michaelle for her discovery and work, which makes it possible for people to learn a new and revolutionary way to help the body. Now people just need to discover it.”
Michele Turetzky

Now I want to offer these self-empowering tools to you, with a guided, step by step membership program:

I love to give personal attention to each person that chooses to embark on this journey with me. This means that I only have limited memberships available.

For just $1 for the first month and then only $49 per month you become a Perfectly Align Foundation member, which means you get:

  • Access to a new video each week, bite-sized / short videos, so you can easily start to incorporate the training into your lifestyle.
  • Weekly tips to getting the most from the new video.
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home, at whatever time suits you.
  • A personal guide on this exciting journey
  • Access to our Members Only Community, join the Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited access to the library of videos
  • Step by step instructions on learning YogAlign and transforming your body, from the most experienced instructor in Australia.

 For a Limited Time You Can Begin Your Journey to a Fitter, Toner New You For Just $1 for the first month, then only $49 per month (cancel at anytime)

“For the last 5 years, I have received frequent sessions of bodywork with very skilled practitioners. I suffered from migraine headaches and lower back pain. I tried many forms of therapy including deep tissue sports massage, chiropractic, osteopathic, cranial sacral, and an orthopedic physician. I would feel some relief for a few weeks and then the pain would return. After just a few weeks of working to align my spine with the YogAlign® method, the sciatic pain that plagued me for years was gone! It has now been about six months since I began practicing the YogAlign® method and my sciatic pain and headaches have completely disappeared.
I have attained a level of health and fitness that I have not felt since I was a child. The natural blueprint for alignment has become intrinsic in my body, and I feel alive and vibrant. I am even doing hand stands and deep back bends with no pain. As I learned to stretch with resistance and protect my joints, I was never at any time sore from the deep work. After each session I would feel highly energized and yet deeply relaxed…The system is very easy to learn and I feel I have been given the tools to be my own healer.”
John Steinmann, Avocado rancher, Entrepreneur, Surfer, Cyclist, Father

“After five weeks of YogAlign®, I cancelled my surgery. Due to a bone spur in my shoulder, I could no longer do many of the things I loved to do (swimming, gardening, putting my arm around my sweetie) without pain. I had tried intensive physical therapy, ice, ibuprofen, even cortisone injections. I was a motivated and compliant patient. But re-aligning my shoulders and the rest of my body through YogAlign® techniques corrected the cause of the pain and has brought relief. I am well on my way to recovery. I’m a believer!”
Linda Pizzatola, Graphic Artist, Gardener, Swimmer, Counselor

“I am an osteopathic physician and student of many types of energy healing and bodywork. The muscular and energetic releases I felt in my first YogAlign® class were the fastest and most beneficial of all healing modalities I have ever experienced.”
Jessica Bacon, DO

“When I began YogAlign® classes, I suffered from plantar fasciitis, forward head carriage, and migraine headaches. My posture was stooped and my neck and shoulders were always sore from overworked muscles that were not designed to hold the weight of my head. I was starting to feel trapped in my body and it was exhausting just to be in it. In just a few classes, my pain and misalignment disappeared as if by magic. I had been developing core strength from my pilates classes but Michaelle helped me learn to access my core in a way I had never been shown.
My tennis game is getting better all the time and I feel relaxed and comfortable in my body. The natural blueprint for alignment I learned in the YogAlign® method is intrinsic in my body now and I don’t have to work at doing it. I have let go of my old posture and feel youthful and energized. I highly recommend her training to anyone with a spine!”
Sherry Latif, Pharmacist, Artist, Pilates Practitioner, Tennis Player, and Mother of three

 For a Limited Time You Can Begin Your Journey to a Fitter, Toner New You For Just $1 for the first month, then only $49 per month (cancel at anytime)